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Magicuts is a full-service salon with locations in Zellers department stores throughout Canada. Its parent, Regis Corp., also franchises City Looks, Cost Cutters Family Hair Care, First Choice Haircutters, Pro-Cuts and Supercuts. Regis Corporation is an American operator of hair salons, and the largest such chain in the world, with over 10,000 salons (both company-owned and franchises). It has its headquarters in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota.


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Former Employee - Stylist says

"Complaints go unheard, bad employees get benefits whereas victims get punished"


"terrible pay not enough work hours are horrible"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Benefits suck not worth pay"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"many times I would be working alone in the salon, unsafe closing as most nights I closed alone very fast paced often times doing over 15 haircuts in one day very in-achievable commission goal very high turnover"

Current Employee - Hairstylist says

"Very unfriendly environment and a very small place"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There wages are low if you do not have enough people coming threw the door there is a high turn over of stylists due to low wages"

Manager/Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"I managed a Magicuts for 2 years. I increased their product and service sales by 100% in the first 6 months. I was not part of the interview process of new hires. The stylists they hired had little skills, or ethics. It was nearly impossible to make commission, and if you did, it was because you worked 80 hours a week and then it wasn't worth it. Don't work here."

Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"Management did not address issues of the troublemakers instead persecuted the victims for speaking up punishment was not working busy day, which only hurts the company in the long run"

Junior Stylist (Former Employee) says

"Between the locations, management and corporate run mess this business is failing quickly. You work yourself to the bone for little pay and even less recognition and appreciation. Honestly if you are looking to start your hair styling career you are better off putting in the time and effort into apprenticing somewhere that they see you as a person and not a dollar sign."

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"I feel that any issue I brought up was never dealt with and was made to feel like I was the problem for bring issues to management's attention. I feel we had a bad manager and district leader.always lots of walkin customerseverything really"

Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"A waste of time. No raise, horrible pay and just completely rude and arrogant people especially the owner of the Mississauga salon at Hurontario street. The owner is a cheater and a liar with no character or personality.NoneEverything"

Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"This was one of the worst jobs I've ever had. This store was managed poorly, and there was no room for advancement. There was no effort put toward staff improvement.mall hourspoorly managed"

Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"it was a nice place to work for when i got the boot after 4 yrs.i went for sugery in 2010 and got screwed over, thats all i can say.but if l had the chance l would go back.if they don't like you they will try and figure out away to get rid of youdo your very best or you are out"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at work, open everyday except sunday, in the wrong place, should be a stand alone store not in the dead empty mall50% offboring"

Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"Servicing customer needs On going education : haircuts, colours, perms and computer skills scheduling, inventory retail knowledge, Hours standing all day with arms above your head, and trying to please customers. Meeting new people laughing , sharing their family milestones' and making people happy. Giving people courage to explore new possibilities.Free Hair servicesLong hours"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great company to work for. Love head office. I enjoy the job just not the pay. Minimum wage doesn't cut it even with tips. Would love to see the owners spruce up the place and maby get more into 2017 and update the products."

Cosmetologist/Salon Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked there a long time ago. Management has changed since I was around and that was some of the issues."

Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"its ok if you became a hairstylist to do mostly seniors, men, children and basic cuts and colours for very low wages. But if you want to pursue hair as a career I would definitely stay clear of regis corporations, there is very little training, minimum wage, no advancement. Turned me off hair all together, I couldn't provide for my children on minimum wage."

Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working with the staff at magicuts I learned a lot about customer service in the hair industryTipsGrouchy customers"

Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"to much staff turn over , head office was a joke, back stabing in management hrs were long and not worth being open that late, owners became cheap with contests and Christmas parties infact they stopped themcommission when busyopen late when not worth it"

Hairstylist (Former Employee) says

"It's a cat fight some days working here. Lol Competitive people, undercutting each other. Negative environment to work in. Not great pay. They do not give raises"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"I have worked with Magicuts for a while now, although it is close to home and i enjoy expressing my creativity everyday i am looking for a long term change as i am allergic to hair colour and will no longer be able to work in this field. The work space is a closed environment and very small which has allowed me to create many close knit relationships with my coworkers. This has allowed us for the most part to work as team and i am very grateful for that. I am excited to find a new field that will better suit me and where i can express my creativity, create new relationships and start a new career!Close to home, smaller work environment etcLow pay, Long hours"

hair styles (Former Employee) says

"doing haircuts, colors, perms, management was very friendly and same with the co-works, perms and colors were the hardest to do, working with the public."

Cash transactions and customer service (Former Employee) says

"A good place to begin an apprenticeship program to apply training in a practical setting . Weekends were much busier than weekdays. The overall environment was a pleasant experience." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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